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Our Services


Mechanical Design

We specialize in SolidworksTM computer-aided design and analysis products for our professional design work.  Listed below are a few of our main areas of expertise.

Concept Design

3D modeling of innovative yet practical design concepts to solve your design challenges.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)

Design and simulation of complex, precision mechanisms for a wide range of applications.

System Layouts

Overall system and product layout drawings that clearly communicate envelopes, interfaces, and other critical information.

Production Drawings

High quality, easy-to-understand manufacturing and assembly drawings that use GD&T per ASME Y14.5-2009.


Mechanical Analysis

We provide a wide range of mechanical analysis services.  These include kinematic and dynamic simulations and calculations, and structural finite element analysis (FEA) using SolidworksTM analysis products.

Stress Analysis

Linear stress analysis for various loading situations such as operating conditions, transportation forces, and fault modes.

Kinematic Analysis

Design and simulation of complex, precision mechanisms for a wide range of applications.

Dynamics Analysis

We analyze various dynamic loading conditions to ensure products and systems will operate as intended.

Robotic Simulation

We can complete a variety of different robot simulations to verify robot cell performance.  These include kinematic and dynamic analysis to optimize cell ergonomics, operator safety, and cycle times.


Production Support

In addition to providing expert services in the design stages, we’re also able to support manufacturing activities right through to final delivery and installation.  Below are some examples of how we can help.

Prototype Verification

We like to see our “on-paper” designs become reality.  We can assist with prototype assembly and testing to ensure that any necessary refinements are made to the final design.

Field Installation

When required, we’re able to provide design team support in the field to assist with installation and testing of the final system or product.

Supplier Support

A key element of the success of our designs is that they’re practical and take advantage of the most efficient manufacturing practices and readily available procured components.  We can work with your suppliers to get their inputs and advice to ensure the best overall design solution.

Tooling and Fixturing

We have experience designing  tooling and fixturing for a wide variety of applications.  Examples include: end of arm (EOA) tooling for robotics, pick-up/drop-off stations for material transfer, and fixtures for manufacturing operations such as welding and precision assembly.